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All About Anthem 

 Style is what you do with it. 

Fashion is what you buy.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality. It's how we tell the world who we are without uttering a sound. 

Anthem was founded by an eclectic group of strong women who heard the plea of their collective communities.

Women want to dress like themselves, and they want to do it on purpose.  

"Modesty" is a word that doesn't come anywhere close to representing the diverse values, beliefs, preferences and tastes of women who choose to cover their bodies with mindfulness and purpose. 

Modesty in dress is as diverse as the bodies being clothed. 

Modesty is an attitude, not a garment. 

It is a lifestyle, not a system. 

We understand that women who choose to cover their bodies are celebrating themselves with joy, through dress. 

We are optimistically feminine. We are serious of intention and youthful of spirit. 

We get dressed with a sense of adventure. 

We are collectively uplifted when we learn to hear and to sing the anthem of our souls. 

Together, we are an assembly of fashion industry veterans who have combined years of experience and cultivated wisdom with our passion for getting dressed in beautiful clothes. 

We wake up every day with an eager sense of excitement for what we hope to discover next. 

We work hard to source and curate a constantly evolving collection that can be loved and celebrated. 

We invite you to join us in the ever unfolding journey of divergent fashion. 

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